cavity resonator

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a hollow chamber whose dimensions allow the resonant oscillation of electromagnetic or acoustic waves

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The presentation, which will take place at the IEEE MTT-S International Symposium Show, will analyze a proof of concept on a narrow band VCO, specifically addressing Dielectric Lab's ceramic cavity resonator, Mimix Broadband's integrated circuit and Vectron's oscillator integration.
A microwave cavity resonator method (7) was used to investigate the relation between the dielectric anisotropy based on the shape of cells and the physical properties of plastic foams.
Figure 2 shows a schematic drawing of the apparatus with a microwave cavity resonator for measuring the anisotropy of dielectric constant of foam materials.
Here, [Omega] is the angular eigenfrequency when the sample is inserted in the cavity resonator, [[Omega].
Lucas and his coworkers have developed cavity resonators within which standing sound waves of extremely high energy can be produced.