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70569 Stuttgart, Pfaffenwaldring 5C, UniveritEnt Stuttgart, new house of students, Estricharbeiten cavity floor.
coating work in the form of reaction resin coatings on floors including concrete, screed and cavity floor with nose strokes surface preparation.
floor tiles on the cavity floor, 500 yds step covering and wall tiles in bathrooms in room high, for the construction of the main building lakeside.
Supply and installation of - Approximately 1270 mA cement screed floating on insulation,- About 610 mA heated screed,- About 10 300 mA cavity floor dry construction F30 H = 150-230 mm,- 21 sqm double bottom F30.
Contract notice: Kkh wolgast, remodeling and renovation bed wing, 4th realization section - ve 3:09 drywall cavity floor locksmith dg.
Lot 1 NS main distribution and cavity floors + 2001 BN 1 = E01 - E03