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Unlike his contemporaries [1,2,6], Stewart [16] does not require that all radiation within cavities be black, or normal.
Many older properties have uneven cavities in walls constructed of a natural stone outer leaf and a block or brick inner leaf.
However, unfilled cavities also let heat escape and could be responsible for 35 per cent of all heat lost from a property.
They stopped making bullet moulds holding more than two cavities.
Tree cavities are used by many bird species for nesting and roosting, and supply of cavities may be a key resource that limits populations (Newton 1994) and structures communities (Martin et al.
And where more than two cavities are involved, even the most perfectly balanced molds are prone to uneven filling due to the physics of polymer flow, as described by Beaumont Technologies, beaumontinc.
Three identical spherical cavities were spaced in the horizontal plane by 120 degrees from each other and connected to the catching basin by rectangular runners.
Saliva tests for cancer, diabetes, infections, and the tendency to develop cavities are currently in the works.
It also makes it possible to reduce cure time, and in some cases, have more cavities on the same mold surface area (since the cavities can be placed nearer the edges), leading to increased productivity.
The court held that officials were not entitled to governmental official immunity, under state law, in light of allegations that the officials acted with malice or were grossly negligent when they allegedly searched the arrestee's cavities while he was attempting to visit his son, after the officials informed the arrestee that a drug dog had falsely alerted on him.
On examination with a nasal speculum, the nasal cavities appeared to be normal.
The new system's mold design allows 60 cavities to fit into the same molding area as previously required for 48 cavities--without increasing the platen area.
In a common design, the die comprises cavities and slots to spread the liquid.
Americans who dread the dentist's drill may get less-painful dental visits: The government approved the nation's first laser to repair cavities Wednesday - and the vast majority of patients who tested it didn't require local anesthesia.