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Synonyms for cavil

Synonyms for cavil

to raise unnecessary or trivial objections

Synonyms for cavil

an evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distinctions or objections

raise trivial objections


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The first of my two cavils, predictably, is about the way the project was funded.
But these are mean-spirited cavils, designed to demonstrate the reviewer's efforts, where it is the overall excellence of the edition that deserves emphasis.
Such cavils, however, only suggest that I have an unrealizable cinematic Hamlet in my mind.
These cavils apart, the book is commended as much more than a coffee-table collection of interesting photographs.
More bibliographic detail would have been desirable in the individual-author entries, with the place of publication and the name of the publisher identified along with the year of issuance of books discussed or named, but that is one of the very few cavils a reader/user of the encyclopedia might interpose.
But in a pioneering work of such scope, these cavils are paltry indeed.
Such cavils notwithstanding, this book stands as a major research effort and marks a definite advance in our understanding of an important artistic tradition.
These cavils peaked when he called for al-Megrahi's repatriation.
Though Schwarzkopf' s voice lacks the richness and steadiness of her glory years (the 1950s and 1960s), her uncommonly knowing accounts of this repertory erase all cavils.
By seeking to locate art beyond the cavils of aesthetics Newman's conception of the sublime also attempted, implausibly, to put his art outside the historical process.
These cavils notwithstanding, Free People of Color is a good and necessary book one that should spur further work--based on the social and community history models and approaches which Horton and others have marshalled to such great effect.
When Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) has to rush off to save Gotham City from poison-gas extermination, Vicky Vale (Kim Basinger) cavils, "It doesn't have to be a perfect world.
Nobody now cavils at the use of neutral umpires and that was something the Pakistanis advocated a quarter of a century ago.
All cavils evaporate, however, in the light of the brilliant central chapter on Othello, which explores stigmatization of women and "primitive" non-Europeans for excessive or wrong headed attachment to material objects (113).
Of course, these cavils flit futilely against my overall reaction to Wampler's work: Quite simply, I like it.