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Synonyms for cavil

Synonyms for cavil

to raise unnecessary or trivial objections

Synonyms for cavil

an evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distinctions or objections

raise trivial objections


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You may or may not agree with Cleveland Cavilers owner Dan Gilbert's statements concerning LeBron James' departure from Cleveland, but one thing is for sure: you've never seen anything like it.
London had used its walls to repel invaders in 1554 and had of necessity in 1568 supplied 4000 foot and 2000 carrying cavilers to the army against Scotland.
Obiechina) and "rangers" (Robert Hampson, Wilson Harris, Andre Viola, Peter Nazareth, Edward Said), the "poachers" seen as ideologically cantankerous cavilers about Conrad and Cary and the "rangers" as rescuers of these two "colonialist" writers from ideological denigration by the "poachers.
html) reported this week that if superstar LeBron James elects to sign with a team other than the Cleveland Cavilers, the city of Cleveland may suffer great economic loss.
When James left his Miami Heat team to sign with the Cavilers again in 2014, he was joining another team that analysts felt would go on to subsequently win a championship, which they did in 2016.