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Synonyms for cavil

Synonyms for cavil

to raise unnecessary or trivial objections

Synonyms for cavil

an evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distinctions or objections

raise trivial objections


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The bubbly is tailor-made through the addition of a liqueur, a combination of sugar and wines from different years, according to Cavil.
In spite of this cavil, for the most part this book is a reliable introduction to Pompeii in its ancient and more recent frames.
The judge added: "What DNA testing has proved beyond cavil is the remarkable degree of fallibility in the basic fact-finding process on which we rely in criminal cases.
Randall demonstrates beyond cavil that dynamic new towns like Park Forest often pushed surrounding regions forward.
Of course, it would be mean-spirited to cavil at so hoary a classic's continuing rebirths.
Those who whine or cavil about nitpicking may profit from being reminded that a nit is an immature louse.
Yet, we cavil at attempts to make Europe more able to compete in a world dominated by the US.
While it is clear that the budget for John Greyson's film far exceeded that of, for example, Cockroach, one can hardly cavil at the cost of his adaptation of Michel Marc Bouchard's play.
Do we carp and cavil because a tiny fraction of our taxes or of our purchases must be used to make public facilities more easily accessible to those with disabilities?
Chapter 2, "From Adamant Square and Cavil Row," questions both a simplistic and arrogant exclusivism that closes itself to truth without by claiming that all truth already resides within and a "facile inclusivism" that "discredits all sincerities by confusing what they earnestly differentiate" (p.
There are occasional suggestions on ways in which past developments may anticipate future changes, but only professional pursuits are likely to cavil at such statements as "the significant drop in job gains .
The world will be watching to see whether Cavil Borel and Street Sense can duplicate their win at the Kentucky Derby and in so doing, be one step closer to winning the Triple Crown.
This cavil reveals our nation's over-developed sense of entitlement - amusing for the stinginess it reveals.
Arguably doing good with a book deal in mind runs counter to the spirit of altruism but I don't wish to cavil.
Project manager Andrew Cavil said: BAM is delighted to have this opportunity to further help Morriston Hospital deliver leading health services to patients in Swansea.