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Synonyms for caveman

someone who lives in a cave

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Through his own research, he came to adopt the caveman lifestyle and diet, which focuses on high-fat, low-grain foods.
The allegedly naked Texas caveman said he's lived in the canyon cave for three years, but denied allegations from local residents of bathing on the roof of a nearby apartment complex, stealing renters' clothes and using the building's laundry room.
I'm blood type O-positive which means I'm closest to the caveman and should have the caveman diet - basically steak for breakfast," he said.
Many large scale developments have already made substantial initial investments into gyms but lack the expertise and the experience to make that investment work for them," says Phillip Robson, Managing Director of Caveman Fitness.
The Caveman is dead, long live the Caveman", says Mark.
In the past it's been called a Vagina Monologues for men but, while most blokes would sooner have root canal treatment than sit through the Monologues, Caveman has plenty to make women smile.
That is what the Defending the Caveman show at Llandudno's Venue Cymru would lead you to believe.
And now he's touring the UK with his latest stage show, Defending the Caveman, which has already bagged an Olivier award.
The caveman lifestyle involves eating large quantities of meat and then fasting between meals to approximate the lean times that his distant ancestors faced between hunts.
Defending The Caveman, which has three performances at The Journal Tyne Theatre, is billed as "a hilarious play about the ways men and women relate to each other".
This definitely proves that caveman movies are back in vogue and that the online publicity machine is working," Rifkin explained.
Also on the site are video profiles and dates of the caveman, Marty, who was featured in the popular Geico ads.
com) In an ad that takes place at a restaurant, one caveman of orders roast duck with mango salsa.
When Anna and her classmates go on tour to see the famous cave paintings in Lascaux, France, she gets separated from her group and meets a tour guide dressed as a caveman who explains to her some of the wonderful things she see's in the elaborate cave system.
BILL Congratulations to your best friend for finding the missing link: part caveman, part modern jerk.