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Synonyms for caveat

Synonyms for caveat

advice to beware, as of a person or thing

Synonyms for caveat

a warning against certain acts


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(law) a formal notice filed with a court or officer to suspend a proceeding until filer is given a hearing

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Tatas have filed caveats seeking notice from Cyrus Mistry fearing legal action.
If such a unit for which no title deed is issued is to be mortgaged, the customer's lender will register its interest (as mortgagor) by filing a caveat form and paying the applicable fees to the Registrar.
Multinational ROE Friction Point--National Caveats, Declared and Undeclared
The News quoted the co-founder of the bill, as saying that those caveats were to make sure that Pakistan did not spend this money on purposes for which it is not intended, like arming to "fight wars with India".
The United States has taken the lead in trying to get NATO allies that have imposed caveats to abandon them or at least modify them sufficiently to provide more tactical flexibility for commanders.
One other caveat, if the gun is in really good condition, take care of it.
Among the louche and permissive, this sort of experience is called fun, and Zelevansky's prim caveat seems to suggest that we should abandon such tawdry pleasures, stop gawking at the centerfold, and start reading the articles.
In the book's declarations, there are caveats for basic living and the references to the lying with another man was simply a call to eschew playing the role of a woman when engaging in sexual relations.
And I would argue that with an understanding of three basic principles and an adherence to three related caveats, its implementation need not be that difficult at all.
In spite of the caveats, and in spite of the hype, misunderstandings and general all-around ill will, virtualization is still the single most important technique for hot-swap availability, improved I/O performance and storage pooling compared with anything else out there.
However, irrespective of a few caveats, this book is a sane and readable account of the importance of trinitarian theology to be welcomed by students, clergy, and lay readers.
Their reasoning was identical to Professor Luno 's caveats, Nos.
While, in general, I think the authors provided adequate caveats to their conclusions, I think that a statement toward the end of the article was somewhat misleading.
Despite these caveats, Morse adds, the work "is suggestive" that organosilicon compounds are made by organisms.
Therefore, The Strange Death of American Liberalism reads like a long string of caveats, though a consistently interesting one.