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Synonyms for caveat

Synonyms for caveat

advice to beware, as of a person or thing

Synonyms for caveat

a warning against certain acts


Related Words

(law) a formal notice filed with a court or officer to suspend a proceeding until filer is given a hearing

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Finally, judge advocates supporting a multinational operation must be prepared to assist commanders (5) with ROE training related to national caveats and multinational self defense policies and interpretations.
After the filing of a caveat by an interested person other than a creditor, the court shallmust not admit a will of the decedent to probate or appoint a personal representative without service of formal notice on the caveator or the caveator's designated agent.
The Court concluded that the doctrine of caveat emptor did not apply where latent defects are actively concealed by the vendor.
Even so, the North Atlantic Council imposed a series of what were in fact caveats, by tightly constraining the targets that could be attacked and the ordnance used.
While other static analysis software tools on the market simply detect possible errors, due to division by zero for example, Caveat is able to detail the various cases where this error could occur.
And that's caveat number three: Paying lip service to quality management is to sentence it to an untimely death.
Therefore, The Strange Death of American Liberalism reads like a long string of caveats, though a consistently interesting one.
The caveat is, according to CMA's Rick Smith "that vinyls producers manage their business more prudently in the future than in the past.
If that is not true, then let traditional business principles apply, including caveat emptor.
Scileppi points out that signing bonuses often come with a caveat - that employees remain with the company for a specified period of time.
A prudent caveator under the statute should assert in the caveat that he or she is an "interested person"--someone who reasonably expects to be affected by the probate or lack of probate of the will.
Tenski and Caveat Competor won divisions of the Grade 3 Lake George Stakes at Saratoga on Monday.
This caveat aside, it is nevertheless a study which otherwise affords a thorough and compelling treatment of its subjects.
In October last year, after the house was put up for auction, Tai Siang lodged a caveat against the house, claiming his brothers were holding his share in trust.
In general, transactions involving existing properties are subject to the principle of caveat emptor, or buyer beware, with respect to the physical amenities and condition of a property.