cavalry sword

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a stout sword with a curved blade and thick back

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Officials also found a dagger, cavalry sword and a spent artillery shell, according to the report.
It is believed he decapitated her with an Indian cavalry sword.
A "saber" is a razor-sharp cavalry sword, which is fast wielding, precise and sharp.
Man attacked car with cavalry sword Annoyed because he saw a car standing with its lights burning, opposite his house while an air raid was in progress, a man rushed into the street with a heavy cavalry sword and cut one of the sidelights in two.
ACROSS DOWN 5 Cavalry sword (5) 6 Auctioneer''s hammer (5) 8 World''s largest desert (6) 10 Overdue (4) 13 Commercial goods (11) 14 Sir - Guinness, distinguished British actor (4) 17 Belief that contradicts official doctrine (6) 20 Largest British member of the crow family (5) 21 Nun''s costume (5) DOWN 1 Whitebait; 2 Igloo; 3 Extremist; 4 Crampon; 5 Roe deer; 6 Seeks; 7 Margarine; 8 Shrug; 14 Chairlift; 16 Police dog; 17 Absorbent; 19 Rooster; 20 Special; 21 Panic; 22 Siege; 24 Piano.
She contacted experts at Falkirk's Callendar House museum who told her it was a British cavalry sword dating back to 1797 - the only complete one they had seen.
Cavalry Sword Broken but still razor sharp, complete with nicks in the blade, this is one of the finest examples of a cavalry sword found on the frontier of Roman Britain.
Now the cavalry sword used by antiques dealer Captain Francis de Groot to steal the kudos from Premier Jack Lang is to return down under and get pride of place in Australia's NationalMuseum.
When the series ended, the star took away a few mementoes, including his Green Jacket uniform and a cavalry sword, which Sharpe received in a death- bed scene.
Flavinus is shown wearing a plumed helmet, with cavalry sword and shield, and carrying a standard topped by a head surrounded by rays and which was probably an image of the Emperor.
The find includes two extremely rare cavalry swords - one of them complete, still with its wooden scabbard, hilt and pommel - and two wooden toy swords.
Mr Wilcock added: "The French heavy cavalry swords had long, thin pointed blades, which don't look as effective as big, slashing blades, but in practice if you are stabbed by one you are going to die, if not from wound, then from the infection.