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in a proud and domineering manner


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After 14 years of war, thousands of American and Iraqi lives lost and many thousands more people wounded, it is appalling that so many opponents of the Iran deal either would cavalierly support military action against Iran or are willing to risk it by rejecting the deal.
Whether the prime minister will eventually resign and preside over a caretaker government, instead of hanging on to a dysfunctional cabinet was difficult to tell, although his patience was running short in the midst of so many who cavalierly abscond his constitutional prerogatives.
In a radio interview to be broadcast this week, President Barack Obama offers his views on how to rebuild war-shattered countries in this region, by cavalierly talking about the need for these nations to lead the way themselves.
I can picture one or two of my friends cavalierly pushing it all to one side and shouting to the barmaid: "Yes, another large red, Marjorie, and one for my pal .
Indeed, the insiders put the political ruling clans on higher scales in the exploitation of the staff car facility cavalierly.
Tsuneko, who (they hear from a female friend) has gone to reside in Cairo, has no intention of returning, and has quite cavalierly shaken off the dust of her series of ex-lovers.
I couldn't believe that they were so cavalierly showing it on national television.
It's an adjective cavalierly thrown around by the same boss who might stop by your desk to say, "I'II be out of pocket tomorrow, but let's circle back soon with all hands on deck to do some outside-of-the-box thinking on ways to strategically shift the paradigm moving forward vis-a-vis our value-added deliverables.
Given the tenuous evidence for the existence of Robin Hood, it puzzles me that the professor can so cavalierly dismiss Maid Marian from history.
The designations are "not a power the Council (now headed by Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew) wields cavalierly," Miller stated.
By cavalierly bringing up the ghost of the very monster that the European Union was created to exorcize, he proved without a doubt -- in front of the assembled European political establishment -- that he was unfit to lead one of the Union's largest countries and founding members.
They have behaved suspiciously, or cavalierly, to the degree that only inspires fear among some Syrian dissidents, as it drags them toward a quasi-mafia logic of behavior, and nothing more, or in the direction of paralysis, which is likely linked to intelligence agencies.
The Spokesman said it would be helpful to deconstruct the methodology that is so cavalierly applied to Pakistan.
The Gulf spill should have taught us all a hard lesson about taking safety and environmental concerns too cavalierly.
My motive is more frivolous--an urge to play logodaedaly just for fun, cavalierly ignoring my vast ignorance of existing words.