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in a proud and domineering manner


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Regardless if you have the point of view in support of a new building or if you're opposed to the project--we should not cavalierly waive the public review process.
This settlement recovers substantial losses caused by E&P's decision to cavalierly place its own profits above its commitment to adhere to important nuclear safety and quality control requirements.
To depict Candy truly terrified of Jamal but cavalierly willing to go along with Levon does not wash.
Whether the prime minister will eventually resign and preside over a caretaker government, instead of hanging on to a dysfunctional cabinet was difficult to tell, although his patience was running short in the midst of so many who cavalierly abscond his constitutional prerogatives.
In a radio interview to be broadcast this week, President Barack Obama offers his views on how to rebuild war-shattered countries in this region, by cavalierly talking about the need for these nations to lead the way themselves.
Tsuneko, who (they hear from a female friend) has gone to reside in Cairo, has no intention of returning, and has quite cavalierly shaken off the dust of her series of ex-lovers.
It's an adjective cavalierly thrown around by the same boss who might stop by your desk to say, "I'II be out of pocket tomorrow, but let's circle back soon with all hands on deck to do some outside-of-the-box thinking on ways to strategically shift the paradigm moving forward vis-a-vis our value-added deliverables.
The designations are "not a power the Council (now headed by Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew) wields cavalierly," Miller stated.
Going's young-adult novel, Lillard (who likely could have played Marcus himself a decade or so ago) builds dramatic tension by keeping the audience guessing: When Marcus encourages Troy to become a drummer and join him as part of a new punk-rock duo, is he cavalierly exploiting the guy's emotional neediness, or simply being as sincere as the drugs allow him to be?
But the capture of this exotic alien also reveals a troublesome tendency of ignorant people to cavalierly introduce fish into waters they don't belong in.
My motive is more frivolous--an urge to play logodaedaly just for fun, cavalierly ignoring my vast ignorance of existing words.
Neo-conservatives similarly projected that Israel's punishing blows against Gaza and Lebanon would play a transformative role, leading Rice to cavalierly dismiss the horrible devastation left in the wake of Israel's 2006 onslaught in Lebanon as "the birth pangs of a new Middle East".
The government has spent tens-of-millions of dollars in a vain attempt to use the fruits of the illegal seizure to prosecute ballplayers when they should have been focusing their time and effort -- and our tax dollars - on ferreting out the government employees who so cavalierly made a mockery of our constitution.
Pentagon spokesman, Marine Corps ColonelDave Lapan, said:"We deplore WikiLeaks for inducing individuals to break the law, leak classified documents and then cavalierly share that secret information with the world, including our enemies.
Abraham is anachronistically identified as a Jew (Judaism historically developed out of the remnant of Judah after the exile), and the biblical materials are treated so cavalierly that Salkin has Ezra and Nehemiah's being sent back to Jerusalem by King Cyrus in the sixth century, despite the Bible's placing this event in the reign of King Artaxerxes in the late fifth or early fourth century.