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the trait of being cautious

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Slow pace of revealing financial results by the listed companies for Q3 2015 fueled the investors' cautiousness, considering that only a handful of companies made the disclosures ahead of the schedule end, the weekend.
Ongoing political wrangling in Europe, poor data releases and general cautiousness ahead of the UK General Election have kept the index under pressure this week despite a number of positive announcements from index constituents.
These outstanding results could not have been achieved without the efficient purchasing and inventory management, cautiousness of the management team and their exceptional performance in these challenging market environments," said Sulaiman Al Rubaie, chairman of Al Jazeera Steel Products Company, representing Global Buyout Fund.
Cautiousness emerged as local stocks made a strong rebound in the past two sessions after rate cut in China and expectations for further monetary easing in Europe.
In a statement to SANA, Sheikh al-Hajri stressed the necessity of cautiousness against sedition that only wisdom and good intentions can eradicate it.
Kristin also revealed her extreme cautiousness to include only right kind of food in her daily intake.
In any case, unlike Greece, it benefits us that the German Chancellor shows interest for solving the name dispute, especially ue to the fact that demonstrates cautiousness with the words that she does not want to publically speak about the limited number of combinations for the name, as this would "burn" the proposal.
According to the source in the Customs Committee, such cautiousness was reasonable since the officials could use their "coat tails".
With Russia, however, the 67-year-old looks to have found a happy balance between his natural Italian cautiousness and his players' tendency to overload in attack.
HONG KONG, Jumada II 22, 1435, Apr 22, 2014, SPA -- World stocks fluctuated Tuesday as a Wall Street rally powered by positive earnings reports offset investor cautiousness before a report on Chinese manufacturing, AP reported.
Pujara further said that he believes India can defeat South Africa in the series decider in Durban on Thursday as it is evident from South African batsmen's cautiousness regarding their going for the target, that they are worried about their tail-enders.
While Middle East governments intend to invest multi-billion dollars in the Egyptian economy, their investors previous issues have increased the cautiousness of their approach.
Add to that their extreme cautiousness about lending in general and the net result is that it can now take several weeks to get a mortgage offer.
Experts call for cautiousness due to the fact that the crisis in Europe is still not over and this carries risk for the country, especially a risk of reduction in the number of orders by foreign partners.
In the meeting, Maliki stressed that there is no solution to the struggle other than political, though it is not easy; he called for dealing with the area's crisis with cautiousness, because of their complications.