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Synonyms for cauterize

burn, sear, or freeze (tissue) using a hot iron or electric current or a caustic agent

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make insensitive or callous

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This was cauterized with initial control of epistaxis.
In our reported case, after resection of the epithelized granuloma, both sides of the posterior nail fold and the nail matrix were cauterized completely with phenol.
Though the twenty-by-twenty-four-inch digital prints of cauterized wounds and scaly skin exude a harsh, scabby reality, the stories are warm and folksy.
Donnelly had the blood vessels in his nose cauterized to prevent bleeding and he was sedated to prevent his blood pressure from rising.
After the vas deferens are cut and cauterized (burned), the passageway for sperm is eliminated, providing an effective means of birth control.
He cauterized or burned them but thanks to the cocaine there was no pain.
The vas is then found, tied with sutures or blocked with permanent clips, cut, and cauterized.
Cauterized patients should be followed, she suggested.
As a result, "the mind is stripped bare and plunged naked into the statistical cauldron, while influences from other minds are systematically cauterized.
Most bleeding ulcers can be treated endoscopically--the ulcer is located and the blood vessel is cauterized with a heating device or injected with material to stop bleeding.