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Synonyms for cauterize

burn, sear, or freeze (tissue) using a hot iron or electric current or a caustic agent

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make insensitive or callous

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Another benefit of bipolar cauterization is that it selectively cauterizes the bleeding area only as the size of burnt area is 0.
To cauterize the bleeding, the doctor commonly uses a silver nitrate stick, which looks like a long cotton swab with a dark tip.
Instead, a collection of instruments, each with a low level electric current, was used to cauterize the tissue around the prostate as it was removed.
No European has the heart to cauterize the rot there, for modern Europe simply is ElfAquitaine.
How tears cauterize the face where desire is received.
Nitinol needles travel down the tubing through the center lumen, from which they protrude into the sphincter and cauterize the tissue.
The device features needles that cauterize tissue in order to make the sphincter more able to block acid.
A "Bovie" (an electrical to instrument used to cut and cauterize tissue to stop small blood vessels from bleeding) is in all operating rooms on both campuses.
Needles travel down the center lumen of each tube, where they protrude into the sphincter and cauterize the tissue.
As ultrasound imaging becomes more portable, the next challenge is to combine imaging and healing: A medic could not only see a patient's bleeding ulcer, but could also use high-intensity ultrasound to cauterize the tissue around the source of the bleeding--without having to cut into the body.
The physician suggested another operation, to check and possibly drain and cauterize the area.
Electrosurgical Pencils - Handcontrol electrosurgical pencils cut and cauterize tissue and are designed to fit all electrosurgery machines.
Of not particularly caring enough to make the heart sick of anything but those roses, those white-hot doctors who cauterize our wounds with irons soft as roses.
The Hoover of the Palmer Raids sought to cauterize the nation against alien threats, and so did the Hoover who hounded Marcus Garvey out of the country in the 1920s, who chased Ma Barker and Pretty Boy Floyd, Alger Hiss, the Rosenbergs, Martin Luther King, the hippies, Black Panthers, and SDS.