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Synonyms for cauterise

burn, sear, or freeze (tissue) using a hot iron or electric current or a caustic agent

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make insensitive or callous

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USURP A Take possession by force, without right B Taking interest on a loan C Cauterise who am I?
More importantly, there was no ostensible move from any functionary within the government or the police apparatus to cauterise or assuage the hurt.
Artery - the study of paintings; bacteria - back door to cafeteria; benign - what you be, after you be eight; cauterise - made eye contact with her; dilate - to live long; enema - not a friend; fester - quicker than someone else; fibula - small lie; impotent - distinguished, well known; nitrates - rates of pay for working at night; post operative - a letter carrier; rectum - nearly killed him; tumour - one plus one more; urine - opposite of you're out.
He has not taken much racing in recent years with his campaign built around Cheltenham, but Barber is of the view the decision of Paul Nicholls to cauterise his palate has had the right influence on his ability to recover from his races.
It probably is worth a trip to the vet as they may be able to cauterise the wound or maybe even close it with tissue glue or invisible stitches.
Doctors had to cauterise blood vessels in his nostril to stem the flow while his dad, Stephen Vallily, of Grove Hill, anxiously hoped it was not a flare-up of the disease.
But it's actually the other way around - people latch on to things that justify their prejudices, that cauterise their guilt and legitimise their hatreds.
CAUTERISE A Be heedful B Burn with a caustic or hot iron C Insidious who am I?
With as many as 13 to 14 operators in each circle after Raja's largesse, it is time to cauterise the wound.
However, if I hear another after-timer say "they were Group horses running in a handicap", I swear I'll cauterise their soft palate.
A soldering iron is used to cauterise various tubes to ensure there will be no further pitter patter of tiny feet.