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the act of coagulating blood and destroying tissue with a hot iron or caustic agent or by freezing

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Steroid eye drops usually clear the granuloma, but excision and cauterisation may be needed.
The Intact[TM] Breast Lesion Excision System (BLES) utilises radiofrequency cauterisation to remove the lesion and is reviewed by the authors in this issue of Advances in Breast Cancer.
The unorthodox choice of subject matter is the cauterisation of an industrial past and how this can be reclaimed and reconnected to the present through physical and experiential means.
There were mentioned five methods of Qigong treatment: stone needle acupuncture, use of specially prepared medicines, cauterisation, method of nine needles and 'tao jin an ch'iao' method.
After the secret dancing, the trial by fire, after the procession to ceremonial area and the stone cutting and after the leaf cauterisation, Stephen was now to be told of his new responsibilities as a man.
This experiment aimed to identify if this procedure causes pain by examining self-administration of an analgesic (carprofen) and pecking behaviour in 80 laying pullets beak-trimmed by two different methods at one day of age using hot-blade cauterisation or infra-red cauterisation.
A: They are both rotten with the latter needing an urgent cauterisation.
Il fallait pour cela oter par cauterisation les tissus erectiles du nez, en une seance de deux heures.
Treatment includes making the blood vessels contract, chemical cauterisation, or - in rare cases - an operation.
To cure this condition, which was often caused by masturbation, Lallemand recommended cauterisation of the urethra with silver nitrate, and circumcision in cases where the problem was the result of an excessively long or sensitive foreskin, and he exerted an enduring influence on British doctors, particularly William Acton.
YNYS M'N Poor for surgical intervention for varicose veins, quinolone prescribing, cost of ulcer healing drugs, rates for dilation and cauterisation in women between 15 and 39; good for mental health,excess alcohol consumption, stillbirthrate, coronary artery heart bypass, and antibacterial prescribing.