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The causticity of the sap varies between cultivars and with fruit maturity and environmental conditions (HESSE; BOWDEN, 1995; HASSAN; IRVING et al.
Though Salman Bashir's comment to the Indian media last year that the evidence provided by India on 26/11 was "mere literature" was pilloried for a while, there was no cussedness or causticity visible this time.
The causticity with which the poet seeks to erode the paradisiacal concept regarding the region is noted in his focus on the bourgeoisie, whose subscription to the imperialist mode d'vivre is nothing more than the sacrificing of the nation's sovereignty:
Special care was taken to choose a type of viscoelastic silicone gel material in order to meet the conditions of causticity resistance to air and water, and high intermolecular force so that the ferromagnetic particles, which have an arbitrary shape and size, are evenly and stably dispersed at room temperature after the solidification process.
Recently, I asked him to send something, partly to show him I held no grudges and partly because I liked his causticity.