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in a caustic vitriolic manner

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In fact, Marx and Engels caustically attacked such "utopian socialists" for proposing socialism as the embodiment of ideals that cannot exist.
I give you my telephone number, and after one or two games (with a new manager) you can call me," he said caustically, hinting that the new manager would struggle with TURN TO PAGE 3
The cry for justice cuts the air as caustically as CS gas.
ISLAMABAD -- The head of APML (All Pakistan Muslim League) has scoffed at the 40-day tenure of PML-N, caustically 'predicting' "end of (predicament) of masses within 100 short days".
Even evangelical Luther caustically noted that the radical reformers of his day had "swallowed the Dove, feathers and all.
He caustically advised that the Navy, "to avoid those violent songs, send the cadets to some embroidery classes and make them play the Ronda de San Miguel.
This will hardly help them keep their practices open or give them a larger slice of the national pay-out pie, as [health] minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi indicated,' he added caustically.
As engaging, witty, and caustically sardonic as the rest of the Discworld novels, as well as carrying on the series' trademark of high accessibility (Discworld novels tend to be relatively independent stories, and readers who are new to the series can begin with any book and not feel lost or confused), Snuff is highly recommended and thoroughly worthy of Pratchett's worldwide popularity
What the New York regulator describes as 'obvious contempt' for US banking regulations was shown in the response to this message, "As quoted by an SCB New York branch officer, the Group Director caustically replied.
Even the famed Iowa Writers' Workshop, which he attended in 1957, fares no better, as Scarbrough caustically caricatures his professors there as they "preened a little for the Times photographer who seemed always to be coming to the Writers' Workshop in those days" (37).
As he walked away from the Tank, O'Leary caustically remarked, "He's a dead man walking.
While Liszt's companion, Marie d'Agoult, caustically observed, "Chopin coughs with infinite grace.
For those interested mostly in her caustically witty criticism, her essays prove to be highly entertaining.
Mark Twain responded to that effort by creating the Anti-imperialist society while he caustically satirized the effort in his depiction of the massacre of the Moros in the Philippines.