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witty language used to convey insults or scorn

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It seems self-evident that banishing caustic remarks from learning environments is a minimal and necessary step to success.
policymakers need to calm down, maybe do some yoga and accept that Crimea is now part of Russia, a senior Russian diplomat said on Thursday in unusually caustic remarks directed at Moscow's former Cold War-era adversary, Reuters reported.
Referring to recent caustic remarks of PML's Chaudhry Shujat Hussain, stressing Prime Minister to grace Senate with his oft appearances, like National assembly, Mushahid retorted about any major contribution by previous Prime Ministers, despite their presence in Senate and N.
The contemptibles who pour out such poison would never have the guts to utter their caustic remarks face to face.
Dubai A pilot was fined Dh5,000 for cursing a customs inspector and making caustic remarks about him and his family and Arabs in general following a road rage incident.
Neil's column was inspired by Yankees President Randy Levine's recent caustic remarks directed at Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg.
MR NASTY Jason launches tirade FLOUNCING ON ICE Furious head coach Karen stomps over to judge, top, then lays into him over caustic remarks SUPPORT Karen with show mentor and close friend Christopher Dean FROSTY EXCHANGE Jason tries to explain his catty remarks to Karen, watched by show host Holly Willoughby
Caustic remarks from other teachers, including one suggesting that I was destined for the building site, were accompanied by character assassinations such as 'lazy', 'insolent', or 'thinks he knows better than us'.
No wonder then that as Germany bails out the Greece and the Germans have to tighten their belts to pay for this rescue, caustic remarks like this one in the Billd are made, "why don't they call upon their gods, they have enough of them
I know I'll miss Arlene's caustic remarks on Strictly, born from decades of experience.
But, over the years, he also became know for his amusing if often caustic remarks and occasional bizarre behaviour.
Miller was particularly angry at those who'd exploited Marilyn, but his caustic remarks were not for public consumption.
I could still hear my relatives' caustic remarks when someone couldn't be bothered to send more than a fruit basket; my grandmother's calculus of her children's love by the thoughtfulness--and elegance--of their gifts.
Hayley, of Trethomas, who scooped pounds 2,979 on the quiz show, said Anne - famed for her caustic remarks - forced producers to re-take her questions several times after she continuously botched her lines.