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Synonyms for causeless

having no justifying cause or reason


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having no cause or apparent cause

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It was impossible for her any longer to resist the conviction that she had distrusted appearances without the slightest reason, and that she had permitted purely visionary suspicions to fill her with purely causeless alarm.
It was the strangest spectacle of causeless wrath, and of mischief for no good end, that had ever been witnessed; but, after all, it was neither more foolish nor more wicked than a thousand battles that have since been fought, in which men have slain their brothers with just as little reason as these children of the dragon's teeth.
However, a Takata spokesman said the cancelled Grorud contract had nothing to do with the scandal but because of the Consett firm's "significant price rise", blaming Grorud for "excessive and causeless changes to the contract agreements to the disadvantage of Takata".
Every wanton, or causeless, or unnecessary act of authority, exerted or authorized, or encouraged by the legislature over the citizens, is wrong, and unjustifiable, and tyrannical: for every citizen is, of right, entitled to liberty, personal as well as mental, in the highest possible degree which can consist with the safety and welfare of the state.
The Bulgarian police forced the Turks living in Europe to pay bribes, as well as unspecified and seemingly causeless cash fines, and forced the vehicles to be washed for disinfection reasons, Piri's report said.
After the very brief second scene of Act Two, the third scene opens with perhaps the play's most famous line, delivered by Lafew: "They say that miracles are past, and we have our philosophical persons, to make modern and familiar, things supernatural and causeless.
It is rather paranoia, causeless fear of the public word, desperate attempt of the stranded mind which considers that something can change if he proscribes the people who think differently than him i.
I close with the teaching of the first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Abraham Isaac Kook, leaving to him the last insight for the antidote to hate: "The Second Temple was destroyed because of causeless hatred.
Magritte and Lin, we might say, analogously sought and discovered a visual metaphor for this sense of causeless anguish.
Adrian Burton, however, translates yadrcchika, as "causeless" qualifying krpa "mercy": "That bhakti, however, can only be obtained through the causeless [yadrcchika] mercy [krpa] of my exalted pure devotees; it cannot be obtained through human efforts" (Burton 2000: 321, brackets added by me).
Concerns on default of budget credits are causeless due to Agriculture Ministry's measures on increasing grain cost, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "Kazagro" Dauren Makhazhanov has said at a briefing on October 28, the press service of the Kazakh PM said.
He relates his state of being as "a sickness of the spirits [that] kept alternating with flights of causeless buoyancy" (3:206).
Without these structured mental models--that is, theories of what attributes of the environment are important in war--military change seems to be a ceaseless flow of disconnected, causeless happenstance and chaos.
To do so, he used the concept of spontaneous emission of light, basically granting that atomic emissions of visible light might follow the same seemingly random pattern of the apparently causeless radioactive emissions of nuclei.