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an incident that attracts great public attention

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Those who say the gay rights movement has no singular voice, no cause celebre, may be correct.
Sympathy for his suffering from terminal cancer was sorely tested by his welcome as a cause celebre on his touchdown in his homeland.
She became a cause celebre in France, with her portrait hung on town halls and constant street rallies by supporters.
Now we know why we're there: A leak from the National Intelligence Estimate said that the invasion of Iraq has become terrorists' cause celebre.
Oddly, malaria has become something of a conservative cause celebre in recent years.
When a Roman Catholic chaplain was fired for defending the girls, he became a cause celebre for the Catholic Church.
In parts two and three are essays written while Sacco and Vanzetti were still alive and a cause celebre supported by such well-known authors as John Dos Passos, Eugene Debs.
Predictions that he will pursue an agenda that is too Left-wing to hand him the keys to Downing Street are probably well-founded, and that seems to be the cause celebre for Dave Cameron and the Tory Party.
The Jamaican became the cause celebre of the World Athletics Championship, his usual adoration taking on a moral purpose up against two-time doper Justin Gatlin.
But he was to become a national cause celebre when the temple elders refused to commit him to the knacker's yard and called for a Judicial Review.
In 1974, two key witnesses changed their testimony, making Carter a cause celebre for the civil rights movement.
It was a cause celebre, one that he liked to encourage, especially abroad, but it was not quite as he sometimes made it seem, perhaps because for the first time in his life he had learned the pleasures of receiving the consolation of others.
Oh, yes, and between times, they are up to their ears withTerence Rattigan's Cause Celebre, which opened last weekend and runs until Saturday.
The Preakness cause celebre is Coronado's Quest, who is the favorite for Saturday's race and the nation's most notorious four-footed head case.
In fact, her attitude is not terribly surprising considering that the English royals have their children mostly raised by others in what amounts to 24-hour-a-day child care while they are flitting from one ego-gratifying social cause celebre or charity event to another.