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producing an effect

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32) Another virus, HTLV-1, is causatively associated with adult T-cell leukemia, and daily consumption of a green tea extract significantly reduced the number of viral particles in infected people.
On the basis of results of animal studies and limited preliminary human studies, catalytic iron has been causatively linked to kidney disease (11, 12) and CVD (13-15).
Unintended consequences result when public policies reshape any single component of the continuum of social experiences that are causatively related to language development.
Douglas West argues in favour of the privatization initiative and claims that there is little evidence to support the assertion that increased availability can be causatively related to increased social and health-related problems.
29) Human errors falling into the first three categories are more likely to be less morally blameworthy and causatively influenced by systemic factors, especially in complex environments such as healthcare.
In June 2006, Merck's Gardasil was the first vaccine to be approved for the prevention of infections with certain subtypes of HPV (human papillomavirus), a pathogen that is causatively linked to the development of cervical cancer.