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producing an effect

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The lists are adapted from Jacobsen (1982: 197-199) and encompass only verbs with the -e sulfix, whereas many verbs in Japanese, including some in Haspelmath's list, use other suffixes to mark causative or anticausative.
This reads like a "most wanted" list of the cast of characters when it comes to our suspects as causative factors in Parkinson's disease and was welcomed by the scientific community as an exceptional opportunity to accelerate research in all of these areas.
The fluid that passed through the filter could still infect healthy tobacco plants with the disease, but Ivanovsky could not bring himself to believe there were causative agents smaller than bacteria and supposed simply that the filters were defective.
In sum, although Tropper's conception of the difference between causative and factitive is flawed, and his understanding of the Semitic stem system is, in general, somewhat unsophisticated, his detailed analysis of all of the relevant Ugaritic material will be most useful for those involved in the comparative study of the causative stem in Semitic.
Medical records were retrieved to obtain the following data: patient demographics, comorbids, causative agents, extent of mucocutaneous involvement, duration of hospital stay, treatment given and treatment outcome.
The most frequently causative drug is INH and other drugs such as RFP and EMB also cause ILD.
The next step was to determine the causative agent being transmitted by the bite of the tick.
Their study reveals similar trends in causative agents over both two decades, which are comparable with trends in other developing nations.
Before that, the Finnish causative derivation is discussed briefly in section 2.
Although the epidemiology of bacterial meningitis has changed, the ranking of causative organisms has not.
Among her perspectives are variation in causatives and applicatives, inchoative-causative alternation in Georgian, causative predicates in the related languages of Mengrelian and Svan, reflexive applicatives, and four-place predicates in low applicative constructions.
De's discovery of cholera toxin was almost three quarters of a century after Robert Koch first cultured Vibrio cholerae (known as comma bacillus at that time) in Calcutta and 105 years after the microscopic observation of the causative agent of cholera by an Italian anatomist Filippo Pacini and the classic epidemiologic studies of John Snow, a British physician describing the waterborne nature of the disease.
This approach was implemented through identifying in the patient's blood antigen-connected lymphocytes (ACL) which can react with the causative agents of the disease.
The more spontaneously an inchoative action can happen, the more linguistically marked the causative is expected to be (i.
The outline of this paper is as follows: in Section 1, I present the basic typological properties of the causative construction in Kabardian, using Dixon's (2000) typology of causatives.