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producing an effect

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On the crosslinguistic parameterization of causative predicates: implications from Japanese and other languages.
Some light is cast on the development of this structure and its interpretation by the general history of these causative verbs, however--to which I now turn.
The next step was to determine the causative agent being transmitted by the bite of the tick.
Within Fennistics, the causative verbs are generally explained as verbs that denote causation of the root word's semantic content (Hakulinen 1968 : 219; Penttila 1963 : 533), implying a valence-raising derivative relation.
pneumoniae was the most common causative pathogen among adults and children aged 1-11 years.
Following the course of the disease, De contended that the causative agent affects the permeability of the intestinal epithelium leading him to perform work at that interface using the now famous rabbit ileal loop model (2).
Our team has long been involved in the detection of cause and effect relationships between presumed causative factors and cancer, in particular, concerning the relative role of inherited predisposition and environmental factors, the relative impact of intrinsic toxicity or carcinogenicity, and the role of host susceptibility and response (Cetta et al.
And, discovering those causative characteristics is the key to a low loss ratio and consistent underwriting profits.
Acute dacryocystitis is commonly associated with a nasolacrimal duct obstruction, either as a causative agent or as a result of stasis in the nasolacrimal duct.
None, including this most recent study, has been able to prove a causative link.
At Primary Health Care Clinics diagnosis of causative organism of vaginal infections is made by using history-taking and assessment of clinical picture methods.
It is often thought to be a mark of the Tocharian causative but Hackstein argues (briefly) that, while indeed found in most causatives, it is not specifically a causative marker since it occurs widely in non-causatives as well.
As the person responsible for the safety of everyone in your camp, you need to know that your responsibility extends to bloodborne pathogen contagion risks, risks due to HIV (the causative virus of AIDS) and HBV (the causative virus of Hepatitis B).
If successful, we will establish that CNPs are a causative agent in the formation of calcific diseases, and in the specific case of the China study, Gall Stones.
Fifteen international academics contribute 14 chapters to a series of cases studies that account for constructional variability with transitive and causative verbs in various languages.