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In fact, we know for certain there's a causational link between charitable giving and tax incentives," he said.
Finally, it must be emphasized that the correlations identified in this cross-sectional study do not necessarily reflect causational relationships.
Dodgson makes sweeping causational statements, not backed by scholarly evidence that suggest he has a soft spot for hypothetical Sixties values: "love, peace, compassion, understanding, environmentalism, the embrace of diversity, nonviolence, and more open-minded attitudes about religion and drugs, sex and sexuality, race, and gender" (p.
This power does not function in a direct, causational way, but rather through the nuanced influences within the rhetorical landscape (Hart, 2008).
However, Justice Roberts' admonition that loss causation "has nothing to do with whether an investor relied on the misrepresentation in the first place" may provide plaintiffs a roadmap to circumnavigating a tight causational analysis at trial.
This researcher's recommendations are two-fold: 1) This concentration be re-termed "Africana Political Economy: Economic Development and the Complexity of Poverty;" and 2) In addition to researching the nature and severity of poverty in Africana communities, this essay recommends exploring social, political, historical, and institutional causational factors that contribute to Africana community's dire economic conditions.
However, literature reviews conducted in lieu with the present research study emphasized more on need for a research on causational factors accounting for woman entrepreneurs' development through perceptional aspects.
The expert entrepreneurs followed effectual thinking whereas the MBA students used textbook procedures in causational thinking.
These evidences from both human and animal studies suggest that testosterone exerts causational effects of adult spatial behavior.
While Europeans opposed to Iraqi resettlement have argued for sole US responsibility for Iraqis' humanitarian needs, Bush Administration officials justified policies of minimal resettlement through a causational de-linking of the US invasion and the ensuing refugee crisis.
The mistake that most critics make in approaching this work, however, and why it has remained confounding for so long, is that to see this text as a coming of age novel--where the protagonist is, well, the protagonist, one who relates his actions in chronological and causational form--is to mistake the stated interests of Edgar Huntly as the interests of Brown.