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the relation between causes and effects

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He checked public toilet of the Causality Department and directed Director Dr.
The commissioner Rawalpindi inspected public toilet of the causality department and directed Director Dr.
We are pleased to advance the topic of power plant cycling causality by forming the RI Power Plant Cycling Causality Collaborative Network," said James R.
The law of causality is the law of identity applied to action: A thing can act only in accordance with its nature.
Key Words: Gold Prices, Oil Prices, Asymmetric Causality, Positive Shocks, Negative Shocks.
Second, after observing the presence of cointegration between the variables using the Johansen test (Econometrica, 1991), Granger causality was studied by VAR with vector error correction and the variables in first differences.
The concept of Structure--Organization--Process is being explained in (3) and due to its causality approach make more sense and it is more appropriate to use it in defining the Process and Process Field Structure as a whole, with their causal interdependencies further on, when fully assessing a Process, its Field Dimension and eventually several correlated Causal Dimension as part of the same Causal Process Field.
However, there is unidirectional long-run causality from public savings to output (GNP and GDP).
This problem is important, to be sure, and occupies a considerable amount of Suarez's energy, but more extensive discussion of how Suarez deals with the problem of material causality would have been nice--how does he understand matter's "inflowing" of being into a hylomorphic composite?
1) Based on the traffic data of two real large-scale WLANs, we verifies the widespread of Grange Causality in our scenarios (airport: 432 APs, mall: 182 APs).
Consequently, according to Wagner's law, the causality runs from national income to government expenditure, not in the opposite direction.
Scholars of philosophy explore causality as Spanish Jesuit Francisco Su[sz]rez (1548-1617) treats it in his 1597 Disputationes Metaphysicae, specifically his interpretation of the four Aristotelian causes and their role and relevance in his metaphysics.
We have applied panel cointegration and causality approaches to investigate the long run and causal relationship between the variables.
Acaravci and Ozturk (2010) examined the causal relationship between carbon dioxide emissions, energy consumption and economic growth using autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) bounds testing approach of cointegration and error-correction based Granger causality models for nineteen European countries for period 1960-2005.
He gives ample evidence for the former, and at least some of the ways that scientists think about reality fit with notions such as causality, essence, and substance.