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the relation between causes and effects

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If the law of causality is understood in the way that Rand plainly seems to state it, then it is too weak to do the job.
As a result of blast the school building was badly damaged but no injury or causality was reported as the building was empty at the time of explosion.
Our study reveals that causality can be computed at an early level in the visual system; explains Martin Rolfs, who conducted much of the research as a post-doctoral fellow in New York University's Department of Psychology.
Key Words: Real Consumption Expenditure, Economic Growth, GDP, Cointegration, Error Correction Model, Granger Causality
2007), the first study in the consumer confidence literature to decompose Granger causality in the time domain, by performing a spectral density analysis in the frequency domain.
The latter means that some have speculated whether there is actually some causality or are the links completely spurious.
Therefore, in the present study we employ the more robust techniques of testing Granger causality developed by Toda and Yamamoto (1995) and Dolado and Lutkephol (1996), and also apply multivariate framework by including GDP, Export, Import and FDI in an Augmented lagged VAR or VARL model.
Specifically, in this study we test for market informational efficiency in BSE, by testing the existence of a long--run causal relationship between macroeconomic variables and stock prices using Granger causality test.
In this issue of Health Services Research (HSR), we are pleased to publish a special section that includes an original article and two commentaries addressing why approaches to questions of causality in health services research are discipline-specific, often with little overlap or agreement.
Griffel's aim is to harmonize these interpretations and to erase the apparent contradictions that can be found in al-Ghazali's works by arguing that the latter held a consistent theory of causality throughout his life, which developed out of his criticism of the falasifa and Avicenna in particular and which he naturalized and adapted to fit the theological priorities of kalam.
Most of the existing research conducted in Indian context found that the stock market return has a significant and positive impact on the FII flows (Agarwal, 1997; Chakrabarti, 2001; and Trivedi and Nair, 2003) but some also agree on bidirectional causality stating that foreign institutional investors have the ability of playing like market makers given their volume of investments (Gordon and Gupta in 2003 and Babu and Prabheesh in 2007).
THE search for causality is at the heart of the scientific method of research.
the causality between salary structures and team performance) is unclear and has rarely been rigorously investigated in the literature.
In particular we show that our model predicts an exactly opposite direction of causality between youth gang activity and the rate of violent crime from what is commonly accepted.
com)-- Renewable Impacts announced today that its research of historical CAISO power plant cycling causality indicates that solar generation is causing substantially more power plant cycling causality than wind.