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During the course of the hearing, the petitioner informed the learned court that the burial of causalities due to heatstroke was done collectively rather than individual graves adding that country is not in war-like situation, as dead bodies should be buried collectively.
Of those, 337 were released after recovery, while 21 died, with no children among the causalities, according to a statement by the ministry.
The report stopped short of giving information about possible causalities.
Minority MPA of PPP Dr Mahesh Kumar Malani said that no doubt deaths of children in Thar had been alarming instances but it was unfair to attribute all such causalities to situation of famine in Thar area as various health and socioeconomic factors had caused these causalities among minors.
Causalities among Afghan forces have been on the rise since the launch of the security transition process.
The above results points to the possibilities of following direction of causalities in a systems framework across different sectors:
As the news of the causalities continues to impact on the public, it would be perhaps helpful if the national UK media was properly behind our troops, supporting them intelligently instead of using them as a political football and exploiting their needs to promote their own sales or audience figures.
31 -- The likelihood of being killed in a car accident reached 17 percent in 2008, while the registered causalities from traffic accidents around Yemen totaled 2,833 deaths while more than twenty thousand were injured.
September 7, 2008 (PARIS) -- Darfur rebel commander said they inflicted heavy causalities on Sudanese army and its militiamen following intensive fighting on Saturday in western Darfur.
The effectiveness of road policing was always judged on the number of fatal and serious injury causalities on the road.
Reed not only applies this insight to the traditional kind of open "oral cosmology," but he also applies the mythologer's gesture to a present-day world so old, so complex, and with over 5 billion humans acting and speaking that it is not seriously possible to trace causalities from the subjects' end.
Its ready availability and long shelf life provide an ideal blood substitute that can be stored for use, where type and cross matching is not possible and where disasters: battle causalities, earthquakes, explosions, automobile accidents, drowning and carbon monoxide poisoning, require immediate oxygenated blood replacement.
Majority of deaths were reported from two south Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as the total number of causalities from the two states stood at 1,979.
There were mixed reports about causalities of the clashes.
Chief Secretary Balochistan Babar Yaqoob Fateh Muhammad confirmed the causalities and said that joint rescue and relief teams of Pak Army and the Balochistan government have reached the site and rescue and relief operation was underway.