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The more distant the event is from the cause being investigated, the more likely it is that other causal factors will have an opportunity to affect the event we are attempting to explain.
Coupling these three separate techniques, failure analysis, Event and Causal Factor Charting, and Five Why's, the root cause of the failure can be identified.
THERE is no doubt that knife and gun crime continues to make front-page news, and the lack of police visibility on our streets remains a causal factor.
Aluminum in the brain has been linked as a possible causal factor in Alzheimer's disease.
Hence, identifying advertising as a causal factor (and measuring the magnitude of the related effect) not only requires rich data sources that include information on parental inputs, peer characteristics, exposure to cigarette marketing, and other potential influences but also requires that these variables be observed for extended periods of time (back to early periods of childhood development).
Forty-five percent of the men who developed head or neck cancer were former or current smokers, while 75 percent of the women who were diagnosed were former or current smokers, suggesting that smoking is a greater causal factor in women than in men.
These findings suggest that a low testosterone level increases the susceptibility to anemia, but may not be a sufficient causal factor for anemia," they concluded.
In view of such a quandary, Saxton seeks "an ideological explanation for the initial act of differential treatment that does not invoke racism or any variant under some other name as a causal factor.
National Highway Safety Administration estimates that about 100,000 police-reported crashes annually involve drowsiness/fatigue as the principal causal factor.
While his present physical condition may be a causal factor, it is obvious that long before he was stricken with Parkinson's disease there were serious problems in the priesthood, and if he wasn't aware of them, he should have been.
The customer-oriented principle is a causal factor in the successes of the system," stresses executive managing director Aoki Yoshiaki.
Results of this study support the view that financial development is a necessary causal factor of economic growth with important implications for policy makers and economists.
Causal factor information was available for 9 (39%) of the 23 events occurring in universities.
1995) highlighted homocysteine as a causal factor for arteriosclerotic vascular disease.
Researchers with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) point to the region's reduced traffic levels as the causal factor.