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Although the attempt to formulate a comprehensive understanding of human behavior is far from complete, empirical evidence strongly supports motivation as a central constituent and causal agent for behavior.
Cohen's team at the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal, could potentially lead to the development of new strategies to combat the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1), the causal agent of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
All of this follows from the simple logical fact that at all stages of the process under consideration (or, to put it in other words, in all links of the causal chain under consideration), the owner is the ultimate causal agent.
The 1083 bp sequence obtained as a result of this effort was found to be similar to an RD-PKS involved in secondary metabolite production from the necrotrophic fungus Botryotinia fuckeliana, causal agent of gray mold, when compared using BLASTX.
Transmission of Xylella fastidiosa, causal agent of citrus variegated chlorosis, by the glassy-winged sharpshooter, Homalodisca coagulate.
The investigators acknowledged that their study could not determine whether it was the anti-inflammatories or the asthma itself that was the causal agent.
As research on protein folding, misfolding and aggregation continues it has become clear that misfolding is both a marker and causal agent and therefore holds promise as an avenue of treatment or cure.
The author continually draws the connection of contemporary media portrayal of image as a causal agent in the development of and perpetuation of disordered eating.
Basically, we'll be able to function better with anyone or anything that can be considered a causal agent [of forest fires]," he says.
It originated, although no one at the time knew it, in the Sunderbund swamps of the Ganges Delta, where the sub-visible causal agent, the bacterium, Vibrio cholerae, had been quietly mutating for millennia.
In the case of infectious diseases, it is the causal agent which travels; the human immunodeficiency virus in the blood, or the tuberculosis bacillus in the lungs, to name two which currently require the most attention.
The findings of this study suggest that within our population, group B streptococcus appears to be the primary causal agent associated with PPROM.
Harrison outlined the chain of reasoning which points to RU486 as the causal agent.
Paratuberculosis leads to Johne's Disease in cattle, goat and wild animals and has been implicated as a causal agent for Crohn's Disease in humans - a chronic inflammatory bowel disease.
Another potential pathogen sometimes found in bird (but not bat) droppings is a bacterium called Chlamydophila psittaci (formerly Chlamydia psittaci), the causal agent of psittacosis, or parrot fever.