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Rhizoctonia oryzae-sativae, causal agent of aggregate sheath spot disease of rice found in Myanmar.
The present study was conducted to identify the causal agent of bacterial wilt in Batang Kali, Selangor and to confirm the pathogen viability through morphology, molecular, pathogenicity and specificity tests.
For example, the causal agents of grapevine leafroll disease (collectively referred to as GLRaVs) include five viruses and many different strains, each of which requires a different ELISA reagent and/or DNA-based test for its detection.
With no definitive causal agent of EBA identified, the California Cattlemen's Association gave UCCE a grant from its Livestock Memorial Research Fund to develop educational outreach through a video on how to manage cattle to minimize the impact of the disease.
In addition, the exposure metric raises issues regarding the biologic plausibility of benzene as the underlying causal agent for the observed effects.
Control of Ganoderma boninense: A causal agent of basal stem rot disease in oil palm with endophyte bacteria in vitro.
sesami the causal agent of bacterial leaf spot of sesame is responsible for sesame production constraints during monsoon season in Pakistan.
A typical BSE cases can occur spontaneously in elderly cattle and the 13-year-old animal in the Brazilian case never developed full-blown BSE, testing instead positive for a protein that is the causal agent of mad cow disease.
But it tested positive for the causal agent for BSE, a protein called a prion, which can arise spontaneously in elderly cattle.
His recent experience with the United Nation's climate panel and its unscientific reporting techniques has him reconsidering rising solar activity since 1850 as a causal agent for global warming rather than human activity.
Viral cutaneous lesions are frequent in some bird populations, although we are generally ignorant of the causal agent.
This advance will enable researchers to identify genes responsible for the disease, enhance capabilities to culture this organism, and determine its presumed role as the causal agent of HLB.
These results are in agreement with those of other cross-sectional studies on COPD and air pollution, and longitudinal studies of air pollution and lung function, and strengthen the conclusion that air pollution is a causal agent in development of COPD," said Dr.
Although the attempt to formulate a comprehensive understanding of human behavior is far from complete, empirical evidence strongly supports motivation as a central constituent and causal agent for behavior.
PCV2 has been identified as a causal agent of a lethal wasting disease in pigs.