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Synonyms for cauline

(of plants) producing a well-developed stem above ground

especially of leaves

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The width of the axis is consistent with measurements of cauline specimens reported by Zodrow (2002).
The best approximation in answer to their question is as yet supplied by the three cauline specimens described.
They are cauline in origin and cauline in their ultimate position.
These include cauline rather than basal leaves and a series of repeated axillary synflorescences rather than a terminal inflorescence.
Ligule of distal-most cauline leaf, length (mm): [less than or equal to]2.
Further reduction would lead to fusion of the sporangium with the shoot axis, thus becoming cauline in position, as is considered by Zimmermann to be true of some living species of Lycopodium.
1970; Jarzen, 1980), cauline growth without stolons, and axillary spikes
Our analyses suggest that ancestral Gunnera was a small, sympodially branching, cauline herb, producing axes in the axils of its leaves, lacking stolons, and with isophyllous, opposite leaves.
Carter; with entire rosette and cauline leaves (Prince &
Sigiliaria was a tree about 15 m tall, with both terminal and cauline lateral branches, and Chaloneria was a small-bodied s hrub about 0.
Branches vascularized by two bundles that are derived from cauline bundles that flank the orthostichy of the subtending leaf: 0 = absent; 1 = present.
The cauline and foliar endodermis usually remains at stage 1, advances to stage 2 in a few species, but rarely reaches stage 3.
A more subtle disagreement concerns the nature of the earliest stage of leaf development and the related question of the boundary between foliar and cauline tissues at the base of the leaf primordium.