cauliflower ear

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an auricle deformed by injury

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In the United States, it was reported that 39% of collegiate wrestlers had cauliflower ear in 1989 (8).
Commence the cauliflower ear count from that point forward.
For the older Brummie fight fans Steven's first gym was at the Cauliflower Ear pub and he was trained by the Lynch brothers, Paddy and Tommy, who also handled Robert McCracken, Roy Skeldon and Don Aageson.
Known as cauliflower ear, these ears' puffy appearances aren't due to overindulgence on the white-flower vegetable.
In a matter of minutes, I looked like a seasoned wrestler, complete with cauliflower ear and lumps on my head.
Young, gifted and waxed he may be, but you can rest assured there are more than a few man-mountain forwards out there who think a cauliflower ear would suit him - and more than willing to offer him one.
There are whisperings that Mayor Rudy is starting to get cauliflower ear from those that protest not yet too much about the Unified Bulk Zoning Amendment, and he sees the problems at hand if this goes forward.
He has got a cauliflower ear, which probably improves him, but he's got knocks and bruises and it's a shame he didn't get himself on the scoresheet because it would have done him the world of good.
A RUGBY club have modelled a new player of the year trophy on their star prop's cauliflower ear.
Personal highlights include the scene where a ridiculous amount of fluid is drained from Simon Shaw's cauliflower ear, prompting an onlooking Scott Quinnell to ask: "Is it me or is his head getting smaller?
Q I HAVE played rugby for three years and developed a cauliflower ear like England star Graham Rowntree.
No one with half a cauliflower ear would have used the belligerent Herbie Hide as ringside summariser knowing the bad blood that flows between the fading pug and the upstart Audley Harrison.
BOLTON manager Sam Allardyce has the makings of a cauliflower ear - a legacy of his hours on the phone solving his injury crisis.
LEFT EAR "I had to have it drained of fluid in December last year after I developed cauliflower ear.
Jurors at the Old Bailey heard that Abdulaziz - who had a cauliflower ear and swollen eye from previous attacks - was so worn down he simply let Saud kill him without a fight.