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the tail of fishes and some other aquatic vertebrates

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Female: caudal fin posterior margin forked with lobe tips rounded; pectoral fins pointed, middle rays longest; body mostly reddish orange, head, dorsal and caudal fins reddish; underside of head and body white; pelvic and anal fins pale blue to white (western Indian Ocean: KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa) P.
The second or posterior lateral line count is from the midlateral peduncular portion to the base of the caudal fin (a single scale usually located posterior to the base of the caudal fin is included).
Dorsal fin yellow green suffused with red (red anteriorly, blue posteriorly on paratype); pectoral fin dull orange (not seen clearly on paratype); pelvic, anal and caudal fins bright yellow.
Also, for any given size, the white spots posteriorly on the body and caudal fin are larger in A.
The membranes of the caudal fin are similarly invested with melanophores, with several streaks and blotches of yellow separated by three darker diffuse stripes.
5 in SL; head and body mainly brown; five irregular, narrow whitish bars on side, the first just anterior to first dorsal fin origin and last below posterior margin of second dorsal fin; irregular short whitish bars and spots on caudal peduncle; second dorsal and anal fins with irregular brown and white bands, broad brown submarginal band, and broad white outer margin; caudal fin brown with wavy white bands and white upper and lower margins; maximum size to at least 22.
The distinctive colour patterns of the three species with lunate-shaped caudal fins are diagnostic.
0 in SL; colour in life generally olive green to yellowish with faint orange stripe between each horizontal scale row; mid-lateral dark stripe often present, broader and more prominent on posterior half of body; dorsal and anal fins with dark submarginal stripe and pale outer margin; dorsal and ventral margins of caudal fin narrowly blackish.
The membranes of the pectoral, pelvic, and caudal fins, and the external border of the membranes of the dorsal fin, were yellow in frozen individuals.
7): translucent pale blue dorsally on head and body (vertebral column visible as a dark brown band), crossed by 10 yellowish brown bars; side of body yellowish brown; all of head and body densely speckled with dark brown, most heavily and more darkly speckled over abdomen; dorsal fins with yellowish brown rays and transparent membranes dotted with brownish yellow, the outer margin broadly brownish yellow; anal and caudal fins translucent yellow with brown rays stippled in dark brown; iris densely stippled with black except dorsally where golden, speckled with dark brown; a very narrow yellow ring around pupil.
ghisolfi and translucent in the remaining species of the Hypsolebias magnificus-group); slender black distal line in anal and caudal fins (vs.
Diagnosis: Profile of dorsal, anal and caudal fins prominently rounded; tubed scales in posterior section of lateral line 6-9; gill rakers on first arch 13-14; none of dorsal soft rays of males prolonged as filaments; colour of adult males overall orange-red with about 10 broken or complete greyish to blue stripes on side of body, several blue stripes on head (most prominent on snout, below eye, and behind eye), wine-red median and pelvic fins, with broken blue stripes on basal portion and blue outer or anterior margins on pelvic, dorsal and anal fins, frequently yellowish to orange zone at base of last 2-3 dorsal and anal fin rays, and two broken blue stripes and a broad yellow outer margin on caudal fin.
Dorsal, anal, pectoral and caudal fins with melanophores arranged in several vertical rows.