caudal fin

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the tail of fishes and some other aquatic vertebrates

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32 mm TL, n = 10), black dots appeared, and they generated lateral pigmented spots on the middle part of the body flank and 1-2 lines of spots on the caudal fin (Fig.
Head and body covered with small brown flecks, whitish below, several indistinct dark bands crossing back in some; upper surface of eye without papillae; scales covering snout, a small area anteroventral to eye, interorbit, occipital region, nape, postorbital and opercular regions; suborbital region naked; first dorsal fin with a single small isolated spine anteriorly; body with two dark brown bands below second dorsal fin; first and second dorsal, pectoral and pelvic fins with small, dark brownish spots along rays; caudal fin with 2 or 3 horizontal dark bars, a prominent yellow blotch near middle of fin when fresh; head length 29.
The morphometry were: body weight, standard length, total length, dorsal fin length, caudal fin length, head length and body width.
A full-length caudal fin tear of one captive fish healed so completely in one month that no damage was discernable in photographs.
Given the real or perceived rarity of this species upstream of dams, most outmigrating lampreys are likely assumed to be Pacific Lamprey without close examination of dentition and caudal fin pigmentation, which is not standard practice.
Spinous dorsal-fin membrane completely dark and without spots, dorsal and caudal fin uniform dark blue to black, thin unpigmented strip on distal margin of caudal fin; anal fin slightly lighter, gray-blue to dark gray; pelvic fins light gray with blue tips, spine white to light gray; pectoral fins mostly dark blue-black, distal half of unbranched pectoral-fin rays light gray to white.
Besides, unlike common varieties of fish, the length between the dorsal fin and the caudal fin of this fish is too short.
rei-t-hertz), lower anal fin base length and caudal fin length in males, and the lower head depth (except in A.
Disintegration began at the tip of caudal fin and other fins.
6] gives some experimental results of oscillating flexible caudal fin.
This study concentrates on the mouth, caudal fin and the branchial region of P.
Is this a lake sturgeon with a damaged/missing caudal fin (tail)?
The ratios of urogenital papillae, pelvic fin length, pelvic spine length, caudal fin length, pre dorsal length, pre anal length, pre pelvic length, pre pectoral length, caudal peduncle length, body depth, and head length.