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Paraganglioma is a rare lesion in the spinal canal, occurring most often in the extramedullary compartment typically in the cauda equina and filum terminale compared to other spinal regions.
If the patient is older and has vascular disease, ischemia can lead to cauda equina syndrome.
Remarkably, some individuals from Costa Rica, which were bigger than the others, scored high on the first axis, which was dominated by antennae, leg, siphunculus and cauda variables.
To determine sperm count and motility, one centimeter of cauda epididymis was resected and minced in 1 ml of 37 [degrees]C normal saline solution.
We measured diameters of the caput and cauda epididymal tubules (35 tubules/section from five samples of each group) using ImageScope viewer software (Version 9.
For the bagna cauda spheres: In saucepan, bring cream, garlic, zest
There is a specific part dedicated to pregnancy, childbirth and menopause; successively neurological pathologies are considered (multiple sclerosis and cauda equine syndrome) in relation to possible indications regarding the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor.
Typically the signs and symptoms of LSS begin as the spinal nerve roots, or the cauda equina itself, become impinged upon by the surrounding bony and ligamentous tissues (1).
Cauda equina sendromu, coklu lomber ve sakral sinir koklerinin kompresif noropatisi sonucu cift tarafli iskiyatik agri, alt ekstremite zayifligi, barsak ve mesane disfonksiyonu ile birlikte gorulen bir norolojik tablodur.
Nevertheless, a relative high incidence of transient neurological symptoms and, rarely, cauda equina syndrome has been reported after uneventful spinal anaesthesia (3,4).
Durante o abate, todas as partes do corpo do animal foram separadas e pesadas individualmente, consistindo de: conjunto de componentes externos--cabeca, patas, orelhas, chifres (quando presentes), vassoura da cauda e couro; conjunto de orgaos vitais--pulmao, figado, rins, coracao e baco; conjunto de gorduras internas--gordura de toalete (gordura subcutanea em excesso), gordura inguinal, gordura renal e gordura ruminal + visceral; conjunto do trato digestivo vazio do rumen-reticulo, omaso, abomaso, intestino grosso e intestino delgado; e sangue.
Cauda equina syndrome secondary to idiopathic spinal epidural lipomatosis.
Pluto is at opposition (opposite side of the Earth to the sun) in the constellation of Serpens Cauda on 16.
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