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a closed political meeting

meet to select a candidate or promote a policy

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When manpower determines who wins the caucus delegates, supporters have an incentive to turn out in large numbers.
The current caucus system discourages involvement in our legislative process and results in low voter turn-out.
The caucus has been in the works for about a year, and he expects between 20 and 30 senators to eventually join.
At this stop, caucus Co-Chair Marino said, "having been a prosecutor for most of my legal career, I have seen the devastating effects an unstable family life can have on children during their formative years.
The bipartisan organization is being modeled after the highly successful Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus that is active in the U.
There are over 200 caucuses at the US Congress, including the caucus for promotion of Hellenism.
The Caucus supports federal and private sector efforts to increase donation and transplantation, and to educate all Americans on the importance of becoming organ and tissue donors.
sent a "Dear Colleague" letter just before the August recess encouraging senators to join a new Senate Philanthropy Caucus.
Grassroots rules; how the Iowa Caucus helps elect American presidents.
Legislators in Massachusetts have developed the nation s first Legislative Oral Health Caucus to increase the availability of preventive and restorative dental care statewide.
This summer the Society announced the new Congressional Multiple Sclerosis Caucus in the U.
The caucus is an important tool to educate policy makers about the important role the recycling industry plays in the creation of jobs in the United States, and the positive impact on the balance of trade, the environment and sustainable development," she adds.
WASHINGTON -- A new bipartisan caucus in Congress will be addressing the needs of career colleges this fall.
There could be more African-American members, for instance, potentially making the Legislative Black Caucus the largest in its history.