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narrow platform extending out into an auditorium

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narrow pathway high in the air (as above a stage or between parts of a building or along a bridge)

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From the sleekest, chicest ponytail you've ever seen (a massive hit at the New York shows) to beautifully messy braids in Milan and the return On the Mark Fast catwalk 1 THE SLEEK PONY TAIL The look: A super-shiny, sideparted ponytail tied low on the neck.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs Senator Hafiz Hamadullah on Wednesday said catwalk of models and other citizens with sacrificial animals is unethical and unIslamic.
The Toga catwalk proved that red lippy knows no skin colour.
Sealed Electronic Bid: Replacement of catwalk & stairway at prineville wtp
They send their models down the catwalk in the most crazy-coloured and crazy-patterned outfits (see right) which they also expect us to wear in the coming season, and then they come out to take their bow in the dullest outfit imaginable.
NOT many people make it into the Guinness Book of Records, but I'm proud to say that we can take a bow along with all the local divas and fashionistas who paraded at the 'Very Big Catwalk' show last weekend, and broke the Guinness world record for the greatest number of models parading on a catwalk.
This is how the brand spreads its “La Vida es Chula” (Life is Cool) philosophy across the catwalks of the world with its colorful designs and joyful attitude.
Catwalks remove workhands from the critical path and eliminate pinch points.
PUNK On the catwalk at Moschino Cheap & High street - black and red leather block colour dress PS175, Twiggy @ M&The punk revisited fashion.
The first collection to go down the catwalk was that of British design duo Antoni & Alison, who showcased their usual simple style with bold colourful patterns and prints.
With digital elements, including live streaming, being all the rage now and a democratised audience led by persistent bloggers and their audiences, who want pieces when they see them, it looks like the big-budget catwalk could soon have its day.
ClickPress, Thu Feb 17 2011] From 23rd February to 1st March, the catwalks of Milan will host an impressive line up which will include some of the top brand names in the fashion industry.
Catwalks will spring up all over London in the following days, from the Topshop show on the old Eurostar platform at Waterloo station to a Freemasons' hall and the Bloomsbury Ballroom.
The event showcases collections from Scottish and international designers and features more than 40 catwalks, three venues, seminars and conferences.
CatWalks initial fundraiser event was June 23 in Auckland.