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Synonyms for catty-corner

slanted across a polygon on a diagonal line

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Then we lived catty-corner from one another on Alcatraz and Telegraph but there was an ARCO sign preventing us from communicating out our windows.
In fact, TDI has also received the contract for 28,000 feet square feet on the Port Authority Bus Terminal that is catty-corner to the Tishman project at Eight Avenue, and TDI chairman and CEO William M.
The Grand Hotel was built in 1984, and is located directly across the street from the Park Hyatt Hotel, for which Hyatt paid $194,000 per room in late 1995, and is catty-corner to the ANA Hotel, which was acquired in 1990 at a cost of $244,000 per room.
At the W Hotel, which sits catty-corner to the Moscone Convention Center, the staff members are attired entirely in black (no ties, of course) and wear wireless headsets to remain in constant communication with one another - as if that is critically important.
Meanwhile, the model-promoted Fashion Care at 51st and the Rockefeller Center Plaza has already opened in a former Banker's Trust space catty-corner to the Time-Warner building.
Located on one of the world's busiest retail street, 34th Street, and catty-corner from R.