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Synonyms for catty

Synonyms for catty

any of various units of weight used in southeastern Asia (especially a Chinese measure equal to 500 grams)

marked by or arising from malice

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The OurPets Catty Whack(TM) is an electronic toy designed to captivate cats with a feathery game of hide and seek.
It is only a decision Catty can make himself, and whichever one he makes it will be right.
Disgraced Moggi - the man at the centre of last year's match-fixing scandal - got catty as he bared his claws on an Italian chat show.
Catty turns to each genre in Part I to consider verbal and physical force in the works of both obscure and well-known men.
Catty Amma coul;d take a real caning this week and a buy at 65 is attractive.
She tries her best to be catty throughout the book, and at times she even succeeds in evincing a certain feline wit -- as in her devastating description of Luce spiriting sculptor Isamu Noguchi, chisel in hand, into her Manhattan apartment to touch up her marble bust after a secret nose job.
As Walter Goodman noted in a delightfully catty review in The New York Times, ABC news and its $8-million-dollar woman, under the guise of presenting a "news" magazine, simply turned over an entire hour of air time to the promotional department of Sony, which is reported to be spending $30 million to repair Jackson's image and flog his new, lackluster CD.
Never mind that he was my last link to Catty, I miss him for his own sake.
Spell Check: She used truth sprinkles on her enemy, Libby, who not only confessed her catty misdeeds, but also revealed that the object of her affection was Sabrina's crush, Harvey.
So much of this week's inaction has troubled me, such as the vacuous, catty Nat telling the vacuous, catty Sophie Anderton: ``I wanted to hug you.
She captures perfectly Frankie's anger and confusion, her mother's fuzzy voice, her dad's patience and the catty girls in Frankie's life.
Blonde Kimberly 25, has apologised to the 36-year-old actress after making catty comments about her.
As the party moved to Ballroom D down the hall, I soon got my fill of Jell-O shots and began feeling inadequately catty about the drag queens lip-synching to Patsy Kline onstage.