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any orchid of the genus Cattleya characterized by a three-lobed lip enclosing the column

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To watch a cattleya wither is to catch a glimpse of nature in the midst of detumescence.
19) Il film e una produzione Cattleya e RAI Cinema.
Plantulas de Cattleya loddigesii oriundas de sementes produzidas por autofecundacao e germinadas in vitro, com aproximadamente 1,0 cm de comprimento e com raizes, foram inoculadas em frascos com capacidade para 250 [cm.
talks about Cattleya orchid species and their influence on modern hybrids.
The famous flower sculptor developed five exotic scents for the collection such as Viburnum and Pink Cattleya.
An east or west window is fine for this plant, but there are other orchids--such as the cattleya, oncidium, or dendrobium--that need much more light, such as that usually found in a south window.
And the book and gift shop, of course, offers everything orchid from eye-catching doormats to handmade crystal champagne flutes with cattleya motifs.
A variety of orchids, including the rare gold orchids, paphiopedilum orchids, cattleya orchids and phalaenopsis orchids, have been displayed since Nov.
Wineries likely to participate include: August West, Belle Glos, Bernardus, Black Kite, Boekenoogen, Cattleya, Hahn Family Wines, Hallcrest, Hawks View, Hope & Grace, J.
Contractor address : Suite 708 Cattleya Building, 235 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village
Insieme a Cattleya, la casa di produzione di Domenico Procacci e l'unica che ha saputo imporsi a livello internazionale, riuscendo a tener testa a Medusa (di proprieta della famiglia Berlusconi) e a Rai Cinema (che fa capo al governo Berlusconi) sia in termini di fatturato che di numero di film prodotti.
In Latin America another possible model is a project aimed at conserving and re-introducing Cattleya quadricolor (Seaton & Orejuela, 2009).