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Synonyms for cattleman

a man who raises (or tends) cattle

a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

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Before I get to other features of the 1873 Cattleman II, I want to point out that Uberti clearly states, "The safest way to carry a single action is with the hammer resting on an unloaded chamber.
The 1873 Cattleman II is a typical traditional single-action revolver in that it has fixed sights, a six-shot cylinder, and walnut grips.
Being a traditionally styled single action, the Cattleman has sights consisting of a post front and a rear notch.
Although the Cattleman is a traditionally-styled single action, it comes with a safety of sorts.
The call and the support grew in response to Hurricane Rita and the awareness that the needs of cattleman and their families will continue well into the future.
Lewis wrote many of these stories, all told by the Old Cattleman, whose dry philosophy and homely humor follow traditions established by the American humorists of the 19th century.
Every time a cattleman says, "I sell calves not beef, so I don't need a beef checkoff," it reminds me once again how far we still have to go to communicate the importance of cultivating marketing stratagems for U.
Five cattle are still missing, said Equestrian Center operator and cattleman Eddie Milligan.
The Forest Service is "a football being kicked all over the country, its hands politically tied," as a cattleman put it.
After cattleman complained that they didn't get a fair hearing on the show, Winfrey broadcast a second program on beef safety a week later.
North Dakota cattleman Terry Duppong with the Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America (R-CALF USA), said America's ranchers aren't keen on CAFTA either.
30 regarding Oprah Winfrey and the Texas cattleman once again played the race card.
By the time he moved to Simi Valley, Strathearn was mainly a cattleman.
Scott Limestone, Cattleman sandstone and Mississippian carbonates.
Cattleman Robert Smith watched gloomily as another young cow was herded out of the auction ring, sold for $1,048 - a rock-bottom price at less than 70 cents a pound.