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a bridge over a ditch consisting of parallel metal bars that allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass, but not cattle


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This was picked up by media nationwide and one TV company even broadcast live from a Marsden cattle grid - and when no sheep did the roll for them they phoned the Examiner newsroom to ask why they weren't performing that day.
OnHalkynMountain, Flintshire, cattle grids are being installed on roads to safeguard sheep.
Locals found that the sheep were taking the cattle grids in their stride, or rather on a roll, negotiating the metal bars across their way with a roly-poly technique.
My wife asked them if they were going to put the cattle grids back," said Mr Sutherland-Loveday.
But he said: "I was constantly getting stuck in cattle grids or falling off walls.
Even more startling are her claims to have witnessed cunning rams giving pals leg-ups over fences, and others tippy-toeing over cattle grids.
Then, there were the Welsh sheep who learned to cross cattle grids by rolling over them on their backs.
Tenders are invited for supply agreement for recycled plastic cattle grids using the negotiated procedure.
Livestock are being poached; cattle grids pulled up for scrap metal; valuable quad bikes stolen; tractors stripped of their electronic components; farm gates removed and resold - the list goes on.
Many of the ''iconic'' choices ignore landscapes and monuments and focus instead on the personal -from pub signs to seaside piers, from cattle grids to canal boats and from village cricket to nimbies.
After another delay we arrive in England, up and down the cattle grids hundreds of us walk.
There has also been a lot of work creating new boundary fencing, four cattle grids, eight water troughs and clearing more than 50 hectares of scrub and bracken.
Engineering works, such as signs and cattle grids, will be carried out to achieve the quiet lane objective of creating a safe and attractive environment for road users other than the private car.
Colin Green, environmental adviser at Severn Trent Water, came up with the idea of ladders after seeing how similar devices helped hedgehogs escape after falling through cattle grids.
Since acquiring the estate HIE has installed two cattle grids to address the long standing problem of livestock straying on to public roads.