cattle grid

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a bridge over a ditch consisting of parallel metal bars that allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass, but not cattle


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As reported in yesterday's Post, Pwllheli man Eifion Roberts expressed concerns over the new cattle grid which was recently installed on the B4391 near Llan Ffestiniog, on the road leading to Ysbyty Ifan.
A right hand bend takes us over a footbridge and there is a wall on our left as we continue down the slope and over a cattle grid.
The coroner found that heavy bruising noted in a pathology report supported the conclusion that his hand was trapped in the wooden cattle grid at the crossing.
A HERD of wild goats has invaded a village after learning how to get over a pounds 40,000 cattle grid installed to keep them out.
Even then, unlike RenAe, I still reckon I wouldn't look like I could fall down a cattle grid
FIREFIGHTERS and a vet rescued a cow at Broomhope Farm, Bellingham, Northumberland, after it was stuck in a cattle grid.
His car kicked high in the air over a cattle grid near the end of the discipline and slammed hard into the ground on its nose.
A KEEN motorcyclist has expressed concern that bikers' lives could be at risk due to a recently installed cattle grid.
Hexhamshire farmer Crozier, who has just completed his first season as joint master and huntsman with the Haydon Foxhounds, said of the eight-year-old: "He is very lucky to be here after getting both hind legs stuck down a cattle grid last year.
After parking (Sat Nav: LD3 8LE) return to the car park entrance, cross the cattle grid and turn left.
Our route bends to the right and after crossing a cattle grid we continue along Millennium Avenue.
Ryan Quinn pleaded for help from his dad as his hand was struck in a cattle grid, saying: "Daddy, you are going to have to come quickly.
This was picked up by media nationwide and one TV company even broadcast live from a Marsden cattle grid - and when no sheep did the roll for them they phoned the Examiner newsroom to ask why they weren't performing that day.
The impact for them is equivalent to a car going over a cattle grid.
German Waldemar Neumann died when his foot became trapped in a cattle grid while working near Aberystwyth on March 18.