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small white egret widely distributed in warm regions often found around grazing animals

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falcinellus in addition to Cattle Egrets, Little Egrets and Squacco Herons (2009: 25 breeding pairs; 2010: 30 breeding pairs).
The Cattle Egrets started the nest building much before they had a mate and both the partners actively participated in nest building.
WE'RE used to seeing little egrets in North Wales, but its livestock-loving cousin the cattle egret remains rare.
Of the hundreds of trees in zoo, the yellowish-red beaked cattle egrets have chosen just four trees to crowd in.
We could see more black kites, cattle egrets, great reed warblers or even the zitting cisticola - a tiny warbler that calls "zitt
in a flash, eight Cattle Egrets swooped down and began following the tractor as it mowed beside the taxiway.
Flocks of white birds called cattle egrets fly overhead.
True, they don't look much alike; Woodstock is yellow, and cattle egrets are white with yellow bills, orange legs and feet, and rust-colored plumage on their backs, crowns and necks.
This reflects the seasonal migration of Snowy Egrets, Little Blue Herons, Cattle Egrets, Green Herons, Yellow-crowned Night-Herons, and Roseate Spoonbills in fall and their return in the spring.
Cattle Egrets typically used cattle or horses as "beaters" in much the same way but in wet meadow as well as in drier sites.
Cattle egrets are a common sight on TV wildlife documentaries as they flock around big game on the savannahs of Africa.
Great egrets and cattle egrets, for example, often have enough food for only two chicks, although a mom egret typically bears three.
Broad waters, where four rivers meet, push you gently back toward Mangrove Alley as thousands of cattle egrets wing home, changing the dark green trees to a squawking, lively white.
Streams and waterfalls burble, and beneath a 60foot wire-mesh sky perch and fly two dozen bird species, including cattle egrets, scarlet ibises, Inca terns, and Swainson's toucans.
However, Cattle Egrets (Bubulcus ibis) have been known to influence vertebrates in a manner that increases the potential of the egrets to capture insects (Dawn 1959, John and Lee 2012).