cattle drive

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driving a bovine herd (as cows or bulls or steers)

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Combined with 3D mapping technologies, it is reasonable to expect that drones might be used in the near future as a sort of guide at the front of a cattle drive, choosing the least-strenuous path for cows and cowboys alike.
com)-- Trail's End Plaza is a sculpture park in Sedalia, Missouri, celebrating Sedalia's historic past as the railhead destination for the great Texas cattle drives of the 1860's.
Critique: Author Chet Cunningham deftly describes the conditions and perils of a cattle drive expertly laid out as a backdrop to an extraordinary western action/adventure saga filled with unexpected twists and turns leading to a penultimate conclusion of karmic justice.
Following a visit to the National Cowgirl Museum, it was time to watch the cattle drive, where drovers dressed in 19th-century clothes led a longhorn herd down Fort Worth's main street.
It tells the story of an Englishwoman who leads a cattle drive across Australia, as the country enters into the Second World War.
The pair don't exactly hit it off, but they soon realise they need each other and set off on a cattle drive across the Northern Territory.
The Caldwell 140th Anniversary Celebration, and Kansas 150th Anniversary Cattle Drive will be held in Caldwell, from September 3 to 5, 2011, and includes concerts by the Diamond W Wranglers and Border Bandits, and live entertainment from local performers.
They get a chance to wrangle, ride and cattle drive but the men in suits must turn green when they meet Buck.
His work is the first part of a trilogy that follows the journey of a slave who escapes from a plantation and joins a cattle drive out West.
The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive celebrates the history of legendary Outback cattle drives, the aim of which was to take cattle from one point to another and have them arrive in better condition--or at least the same--compared to the beginning of the drive.
An ace at breaking over-spirited horses he heads west from Tennessee in 1876 finding lucrative employment on a cattle drive.
Three middle-aged businessmen join a cattle drive to take a break from the urban rat race and their own mid-life crises.
It wasn't until Wayne made director Howard Hawks' rugged tale of the first cattle drive up the Chisholm Trail that he became a full-fledged super-star.
According to core samples it is more than 200 years old and was therefore a witness to Indian encampments, the region's early cattle drive era, and eventually the birth of the state capital city.