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malevolence by virtue of being malicious or spiteful or nasty

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Catholic bishops lauded for its plot that "ultimately leads to a moving, life-affirming conclusion" despite its characters' uncharitable assumptions, cattiness, and cliques.
Unlike most size-zero stick insects over there, Lucy is well-rounded and believes her curvy figure may have given rise to the stories, either misguided or prompted by cattiness.
corn, then you're not familiar with the cattiness on display as employees in the local television business turn each entry into a trash-talking free-for-all.
In 1926, Virginia Woolf visited Bridges at Chilswell, his country estate; she left this typically vivid description, in which cattiness vies with admiration:
There is an arch, condescending cattiness in evidence throughout that undermines the considerable scholarship, along with recourse to jokey topical references that will make the book seem dated in a few years.
Keisha, Mutya and Heidi, collectively known as Sugababes, deny any cattiness in the camp
On occasion, she even seems a little sorry for her savage cattiness.
He tries to assert a chatty and puckish demeanor, but he's too sad even to conjure the cattiness that usually accompanies the fey and dodgy language of such a man: someone who has been wounded and is always ready to be wounded again.
149) The authority gap thus creates resentment and lower satisfaction rates among those who work for women (150)--which in turn gets misinterpreted as mere cattiness and jealousy among women.
As well as all the carpet cattiness, the pair will also be mingling with stars at the exclusive after-show soiree.
It could be argued that I am being unfair in reading Angier's own authorial voice in such a gendered way, that it is wrong (and even misogynous) to hold her to a gender-neutral standard, and that it is unjust to see her critique of the women in Levi's life as an exercise in female cattiness.
His slow Southern drawls, the hint of New York disdain, the cattiness of women in high-stakes competition for one man all make for a gripping tale.
So Professor Hager's cattiness is understandable: "People wonder how Judge Richard Posner writes so much.
Heim offers an explanation for that behavior: "I believe that women employees don't make a conscious decision to attack, but rather their cattiness is an unconscious attempt to reflatten the hierarchy.
Founded by Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson in 2009, Kind Campaign aims to STOP the competition, STOP the cattiness, STOP the hate, and to BE KIND.