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Synonyms for catty

Synonyms for catty

any of various units of weight used in southeastern Asia (especially a Chinese measure equal to 500 grams)

marked by or arising from malice

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Once the physical setup for collaboration was in place, Cattier cast about for software to support the model.
Spornick, Cattier, and Greene sometimes find that the landscapes resemble those described by Bartram, noting for example that old-growth stands of poplars, hemlocks, and oaks preserved in the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in North Carolina are 300-400 years old.
For these reasons, we will focus on the beginning of the negotiation phase and instances in which the claimant hires his own attorney to pursue a third party claim and the cattier asserts a lien against the settlement proceeds.
For some reason, these transcend their tacky origins and become classic fashion statements, along with Rolex and Cattier.
The initial discovery of PYCNOGENOL dates back to 1535 when French explorer Jacques Cattier and his men were cuaght in the middle of winter in Quebec, Canada.
There will be four held in Switzerland during the coming year: Bank Hoffmann Polo Open, Polo Park Zurich August 1-4, 2002; Cartier Silver Cup, Gstaad, August 17-18, 2002; Geneva Polo Open, Polo Club de Veytay, August 31-September 1,2002; and Cattier Polo World Cup on Snow, St.
At any given frequency between DC and 5GHz the demonstrated energy of the pulse is beneath the noise floor, hence offering peaceful co-existence with cattier technologies.
There are additional deals on Lanson Black Label, Cattier Brut Non Vintage, Piper Heidsieck and Malt House Vintner's House champagne.
In the 1920s, she was praised for being cattier than anyone except Rebecca West, and in the 1940s Agnes Smedley called her "the bitch Emily Hahn"; but thirty years later, she did respond to my rather rude little epistle with good manners and good humor.