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any of various units of weight used in southeastern Asia (especially a Chinese measure equal to 500 grams)

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A piece of stick (the Cattie ) approximately six inches long and one inch square, pointed at both ends, and with one to four carved in Roman numerals, was laid across the cup, then flicked up with a longer stick (the Doggie) and hit as far away as possible.
Alternating chapters from Denn, Cattie, and fellow player Jimbo's points of view give readers different perspectives on the action, which mostly revolves around poker hands and reading "tells," the subtle signs players look for in each other in order to decide what cards to play.
Customs officers found unit prices of goods displayed for sale in three stalls were calculated by weight in taels, but the stall operators repeatedly avoided providing the goods' prices to consumers, with the intention of misleading them into believing that the goods' unit prices were calculated in catties.
As such, they normally were paid about 1,000 catties of unhusked rice per year and board and room if they owned no home.
Cat Roberts She launched her business, Catties Cakes, after collecting a pounds 1,000 bursary from enterprise group Llwyddo'n Lleol to help buy new equipment.
Skinheads and rude boys would probably fight each other if they were on their own," he'd advise us sagely as we walked down to the wasteground to load up our catties.
This has eroded the sympathy of the nation, but Malema catties on fighting.
with a somewhat larger proportion of tea in it, weighing about 16 catties [1 catty = 604.
Batley, West Yorkshire, based Catties said it had withdrawn its application to the Financial Services Authority until "such a time as there is greater clarity on both these matters".
Monter provides an elegantly written narrative history in an almost chatty style that catties his painstaking archival work lightly.
The Lenten journey catties us to the cross, so it is fitting that the gospel for this day is the beginning of Jesus' journey to the cross, his baptism.
so we've weighed in and our weights are even--I'm, say, five catties and you're five catties too--you follow?
The business survey, carried out by Catties Invoice Finance, questioned more than 300 outfits across the country to establish how badly late payment affected their cash flow and revealed a national average of pounds 4,713 of unpaid invoices in 12 months.
Whenever my groom-servant [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Lu Shenting [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] engages in tests of strength in the army (camps) he is able to chew dozens of pieces of gravel, can lift a stone step [99] and a basket [100] full of six-hundred catties of stone.