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Synonyms for cat's-paw

a person used or controlled by others

Synonyms for cat's-paw

a person used by another to gain an end

a hitch in the middle of rope that has two eyes into which tackle can be hooked

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The real crime of Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and Assad wasn't their brutality but the fact that they weren't the catspaws of the West, particularly in relation to Israel.
and anti-Israel catspaws who extend Iranian power to other parts of West and Southwest Asia.
To suggest that Africans are basically catspaws in a white and elite black power ploy -- as has Cobbing -- is clearly demeaning to Africans' knowledge and struggles.
It was made by conspiring catspaws seeming to be caught in, in a whorl, to the centre" [Hopkins Journals 208; emphasis added]).