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a cypriniform fish of the family Catostomidae

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As expected, catostomids and percids were the first families to be present in the drift, followed by cyprinids, centrarchids, and ictalurids as the summer progressed (Table 1).
Catostomids comprised the majority (80%) of the larval fish drifting in Honey Creek.
Materials for a revision of the catostomid fishes of eastern North America.
As with the cyprinid fossils, these catostomid specimens were not identified to genus due to their fragmentary nature.
Demographics of the spawning aggregations of four catostomid species in the Savannah River, South Carolina and Georgia.
common carp Cyprinus carpio and catostomids in large rivers; Matheney and Rabeni, 1995; Crook, 2004; Grabowski and Isely, 2006; Jeffres et al.
Increasing hybridization of these two native catostomids with introduced catostomids in the Colorado River Basin also threatens their continued existence (McAda, 1977; Cook et al.
In an analysis of stream fish assemblages from 50 undegraded northern watersheds Wang and others (2003) wrote that a diverse assemblage of cyprinids, catostomids, centrarchids, and percids, like we report in Table 1, existed in warm, wide, gravel-bottomed streams similar to those in our study area.
An unusually rainy summer precluded collections in the larger portions of the Ohoopee River and thus we failed to capture any large catostomids.
For the catostomids and ictalurids only 2 species show an increase in occurrence, both less than 50%, in the present (Figure 5).
Aspects of the life history of three catostomids native to the upper Colorado River Basin.
All locations were dominated by cyprinids (979 specimens of five native and one nonnative species) and catostomids (974 specimens of four native species).
Catostomids and other large-bodied adults were classified as neither.