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of or relating to catoptrics


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Godwin's novelistic treatment of things as they are cannot be called dispassionate, but the full title of Caleb Williams makes a claim to objectivity that promises a catoptric investigation into the case of Romantic Britain.
One would have thought the more obvious choice for prime undergrad recognition would have been Illuminations, but the catoptric play of Reflections no doubt proved too tempting.
In a tradition originally derived from Roger Bacon's claims about the powers of catoptric glasses, early modern philosophers such as Thomas Digges repeatedly tell stories about the telescope's power as tool for reading distant texts.
The press release described the show as "a kind of Modernist Hall of Mirrors," and while some of the works reinforced this catoptric organizational logic, at heart the sentiment was a weak attempt to thematize the grouping of otherwise diverse experiments.
They do both these things, but they do it in particular visual ways according to specific rules or guidelines based on distance point and catoptric perspective practices.