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hairy aromatic perennial herb having whorls of small white purple-spotted flowers in a terminal spike

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The study concluded silver vine and Tatarian honeysuckle are good choices for cats not into catnip.
The experimental conditions were the same as above, but 4 pots of catnip were introduced instead of French marigold.
Zhu and his colleagues developed several sprayable catnip oil formulations for reducing stable fly field populations.
I also threw out the bag of catnip that came with the scratching tray for the cat.
And, obviously, how much catnip you have chewed on too.
Hang catnip to dry in an airy location or lay it over a piece of screen.
This toy mouse, part of Planet Dog's adoption campaign, is both minty and mesmerizing for curious kitties, complete with a little hole in its belly for filling with catnip.
Every time you give [your cat] catnip, that's enrichment.
This includes make-up, toiletries, perfumes and household cleaning products, organic T-shirts and catnip toys, and a huge range of delicious animalfree chocolates and sweets.
Pervious research indicates that the most effective natural plant-based repellents involve a mixture of essential oils, such as oil of lemon eucalyptus, citronella oil, geranial oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, neem oil, and a combination of catnip and Osage orange, combined in an oil base.
And for this season the first one across my desk arrived August 1 from Catnip, "The newsletter for caring cat owners.
David Furr's Nick, the studly young biology professor, quickly establishes the smugness that makes Nick so threatening to George and such catnip to Martha.
According to Publishing News, other shortlists include Children's Publisher of the Year which is being contested by Barrington Stoke, Catnip and Piccadilly Press; and the Diversity Award, for which Arcadia Books, Flipped Eye, Frances Lincoln and Tamarind Books are shortlisted.
COUNTRYSIDE: Regarding the article on catnip by Eric Vought (July/Aug, 2006, pg.
Contact: Billy Frey, 3031 Catnip Hill Pike, Nicholasville, KY 40356; (859) 881-2236; Booth: 21